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Positive Trends in Sacred Architecture

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 18:20 - When the Crystal Cathedral was converted into a Catholic Cathedral, what sacramental changes were made to it? 
  • 22:08 - I think that good architecture directs our attention to the fullness of the faith. 
  • 29:21 - What’s the significance of artists or architects intentionally including flaws in their work? 
  • 32:40 - We have an opportunity to build a new chapel here. What are some tips for making sure we create a good and beautiful building? 
  • 37:33 - Are the dimensions of the golden mean still used today in church architecture? And can those dimensions be used in the construction of a guest room? 
  • 45:08 - How can I learn more about Duncan’s work? 
  • 47:35 - What are your thoughts on the renovations going on at Notre Dame cathedral? 
  • 52:50 - How important it is that all the artisans and craftsmen of a Church be believers? 


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