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Pope Peter

Audio only:

The author of Pope Peter: Defending the Church’s Most Distinctive Doctrine in a Time of Crisis explains why unity with the pope is the key mark of the Catholic Faith. He also explains how papal infallibility is a gift to the ordinary Christian, and how misunderstanding papal infallibility can lead to confusion and disappointment.

Questions Covered:

  • 03:04 - Aside from Isaiah, I am looking for a typological reference that points to the authority given to Pope Peter.
  • 11:58 - How old is the altar in which the bones of Peter were found?
  • 20:50 - Can you comment on the founding of Rome and the Church?
  • 24:27 - How do I talk about the pope with someone who wants to be Catholic when I don’t understand Pope Francis?
  • 36:18 - How does the pope decide dogmas of the Church?
  • 43:30 - How does the call of Peter who was married fit into the notion of the celibacy of priesthood?
  • 48:44 - Did Joe find any dialogue between Pope Peter and the apostles, other than in Acts?
  • 51:52 - How is it that when a bishop is elevated to the office?
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