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People at the Foot of the Cross

Steve Ray

Audio only:

As we begin Holy Week, Steve Ray discusses the Cross of Christ and the figures surrounding it.

Questions Covered:

  • 19:48 - Why did God send his Son to die and then get mad and send an earthquake when He did die? 
  • 23:34 - Did the Jews kill Jesus and did the Romans bring them in?  
  • 34:25 – Is it true that the nails would have gone through Jesus’ hands? 
  • 37:44 - Was Barnabus an eyewitness of Christ on the Cross? 
  • 46:04 - What was Jesus scourged with? 
  • 50:00 - Was it the custom for family members to be able to stand at the foot of the Cross or was this a special circumstance that Mary and the others were there? 


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