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Open Forum

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 08:57 - What were the differences between Pharisees and the Sadducees? Are they comparable to Catholics and Protestants?   
  • 15:15 - I’ve returned to the Church and I want a list of books you recommend. Which Catechism should I get? 
  • 17:50 - Does your guardian angel finish your prayers if you fall asleep? Are people only their specific religion because that’s how they were raised? 
  • 29:56 - What are your thoughts on the idea that the founding principles of America are anti-Catholic? 
  • 35:57 - I’m in a long conversation with my protestant friend. How do I help soften their position and bias against Catholicism? 
  • 42:05 - Can you critique my argument for the Immaculate Conception that I want to present to my parents? 
  • 47:53 - What would you say is the most compelling argument for God that is not a Thomistic argument?  Can you provide an explanation of the moral argument? 
  • 53:00 - How do we prove Mary’s virginity? 


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