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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Non-Catholic callers are welcome to call and ask any question about the Catholic Church.

Questions Covered:

  • 04:08 - I was baptized as an infant and am currently in RCIA. What will happen if I die before I am confirmed? 
  • 14:28 - How do you explain the Inquisition, when Catholics were killing Protestants? 
  • 22:58 - How can God exist when there is evil and suffering in the world? God created people knowing that some will choose hell. How can this be? 
  • 37:04 - What does the Catholic Church believe that is different than Protestantism?  
  • 45:25 - My fiancé is Catholic, and I am Greek orthodox. Will we still be able to have a valid marriage? 
  • 47:54 - How can the Pope or the Church determine infallibly that a person is in heaven as a saint? 
  • 52:18 - How do plenary indulgences work? 
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