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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:39 - If Jesus and his disciples were baptizing but the Spirit had not been given, how would regenerative baptism be understood?
  • 11:44 - Was the rosary as important to Catholics prior to the Fatima apparitions?
  • 18:57 - My biggest hang up is that the Church always quotes themselves.
  • 29:06 - Why and how did these big schisms between Catholic and Protestant occur?
  • 36:42 - Why can’t I receive communion at a Catholic church?
  • 42:57 - Why is it so important to Catholics to be married before physical intimacy?
  • 44:55 - Mater Dei Why should a person choose Catholicism over Protestantism?
  • 47:48 - I married a Catholic and we divorced. If they excommunicated her, why would this affect our children?
  • 51:32 - Was the difference between veneration and praying to?
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