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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:00 - As someone who is possibly discerning becoming Catholic, why should I be Catholic instead of Orthodox or another denomination that believes in the real presence?
  • 07:45 - Going off a previous question on why slavery isn’t mentioned in the bible, I wanted to talk about the Exodus story and God’s willingness to intervene in cases of injustice.
  • 15:48 - I would like to dispute the issue that marriage is for life.
  • 29:01 - I feel that the idea of organized religion needing to be a mediary between you and your god is evidence that that god isn’t there. That’s why I don’t feel a need to be a part of any religion.
  • 33:38 - What’s the validity of sacraments outside the Catholic Church? Also, do Catholics believe people other than Catholics go to heaven?
  • 43:17 - I was in RCIA in 2019 and then COVID happened. One of the reasons I did not end up going into the church was the Church’s response to it. I was taught that the Eucharist was extremely important to receiving the grace of God and the Church denied people access to it. Why did the Church do that?
  • 51:03 - Are Protestants allowed to go to confession and confess to a priest?
  • 51:43 - What are the main differences between Catholics and Protestants?


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