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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Steve Ray

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 14:56 - How does religious freedom account for the freedom of people that aren’t Catholic?
  • 22:43 - I’m Catholic but my Protestant friend has a question. He doesn’t like the fact that there’s non parallelism in the Jewish roots of Mary. How could Eve be the new Mary since she is the wife of Adam?
  • 34:23 - I’m 90 years old. I’ve been Catholic for 2 months, so I was a non-Catholic for 87 years. I am so happy being Catholic and being filled with the fullness of truth. If I can do it at my age, others can too!
  • 41:55 - I have discovered through studying eschatology that everything that the Protestant church understands as our traditions actually came from early Catholicism. Do Catholics believe that they decided to create a new sabbath on their own, not understanding the scriptures, but out of a dislike for Jews because they killed Christ?
  • 47:29 - I’m Catholic but my friend is Atheist. He says the bible doesn’t talk about the evil of slavery. Why is it not addressed?
  • 52:22 - Why is being married in the church so complicated? I’m divorced and annulled but now married outside of the church. Why is it so legalistic?


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