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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Steve Ray

Questions Covered:

  • 06:23 - I am Protestant, but I find praying the rosary very comforting and listen to Catholic radio a lot. I am overstepping by saying the rosary? 
  • 17:45 - I am a former Catholic. Why do people have to pray for special Masses? 
  • 24:06 - What is the Vatican hiding in the secret archives? 
  • 24:06 - What is the Vatican hiding in the secret archives? 
  • 33:20 - I am not Catholic. What do you think about the Jimmy Swaggart type ministries and what they say about the Catholic Church? 
  • 38:00 - What is a Black Mass? Do Catholics believe that Jesus is the son of Lucifer? What is the road to salvation, according to Catholics? 
  • 47:30 - What are the origins of the New Testament? How can you know it’s the Word of God? 
  • 53:04 - I am not Catholic but my father was. How are the prayers in the Rosary biblical? I’ve never seen the prayer to Mary in the Bible. 
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