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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Steve Ray

Audio only:

From those who oppose the Catholic Church to those who are thinking about entering, in this show, we take a break from talking with Catholics to answer questions about the Faith from non-Catholics.

Questions Covered:

  • 13:03 - Why don’t Catholics keep the Sabbath on Sunday?
  • 16:40 - Must I give up my King James Bible if I become Catholic?
  • 21:07 - I disagree with Catholic teaching of pagan gods and goddesses. Can you explain why John Paul II attended an interfaith summit that might have been people worshiping pagan gods?
  • 43:15 - I don’t think the Catholic Church has apostolic succession. When Christ said, upon this rock… he was simply referring to faith in Christ.
  • 49:54 - Did you travel before you became Catholic? How has being Catholic affected your traveling ministry?
  • 52:00 - Has the Catholic Church defined what is literal and figurative in the Bible? It seems like Scripture is all open to interpretation.


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