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  • 01:43 - What’s a good response to someone who insists that believers don’t need a hierarchy? 
  • 04:38 - When Jesus was baptized by JTB, did John hear God say that Jesus was his son? If so, why did John ask Jesus if he was the Messiah in Luke 7? 
  • 11:16 - Soul sleep. I’ve read everything on Catholic Answers including your own article Jimmy Akin. Recent rebuttal to Luke 15 was this refers to “angels but not saints as they are dead until raised” or in the Transfiguration, these were mere “visions.” 
  • 20:21 - Our Bishop interprets Paenitemini in such a way that we are required to abstain from gravies and soups made from meat in the Fridays of Lent. 
  • 28:40 - How does God answer our prayers? How do Mt 21:22 and Mk 11:24 come into play? 
  • 33:13 - What is hardness of heart? When it says God hardened pharaohs heart, what did it mean? How does it tie into Judas’s decision? How does it tie into our spiritual growth today? 
  • 40:48 - How can we have a better time converting Muslims? 
  • 46:25 - Hi Jimmy, I recently spoke with an atheist, and he asked me why the Christian God? 
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