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Questions Covered:

  • 03:06 - Is Michael Heiser a heretic? Why are so many Protestants intrigued by his teachings?
  • 11:04 - This question has always been on my mind. The Bible periodically speaks of God as being the One True God. Or mentions, as I paraphrase, “no other gods are like our God.” What’s the faith teach about “other gods?” Are the Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Roman, Mayan, etc., gods real to an extent? I always wondered if they could have been demons or fallen angels manipulating things on earth. Would love to explore that topic of other gods and their legitimacy.
  • 18:28 - I learned from a Catholic trivia game that “as a result of the 1917 Code of Canon Law, the moon is considered part of the Diocese of Orlando, FL.” There was no citation, however. What is the law in question and how does it apply to the moon when it was promulgated before space exploration began?
  • 28:27 - I love my wife, my cats, my country, and cheesecake. Why then do I find it so hard to believe that I love the Lord? Considering all that the Lord has done, I feel I should be positively burning with love and gratitude and that I should actively live each moment of my life in His service. Yet, I get caught up in life, I sin, and that burning devotion never really materializes. I am left feeling selfish and ungrateful. I pray, I try to keep the commandments, and I avail myself of the sacraments, but if you ask “Do you love the Lord?” I will hesitate. If I really DID love Him, I’d be a better person, less of a sinner, and my love for Him would burn far greater than my fear of His judgement. Right? I certainly have FEAR of the Lord. My greatest longing is to be numbered among His sheep. My greatest terror is to be cast out with the goats, even though I deserve it. Is this just scrupulosity? Am I being too hard on myself? Can love and fear of the Lord be the same thing? Am I missing something important that I need to change?
  • 34:20 - If, as written, a wife needs to submit to her husband and a husband should love his wife like Christ loves the church. How does this make sense if the wife must in some relationships make a much better leader? Is it really the teaching that a family may suffer if absolutely the inadequate person is the leader? Is it church teaching that a woman cannot be a better head than any man? Resource:
  • 42:14 - Can saints (and demons for that matter) hear our thoughts? If not, is silent prayer to saints therefore useless?
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