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Are Ghosts Real

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 07:00 - As a practicing Catholic, can I get ordained as a minister to marry my non-Catholic niece and her fiance?
  • 12:00 - What is faith working through charity?
  • 17:31 - How can we explain to Jews that the New Covenant fulfills the Jewish law, especially concerning Jesus as the Messiah?
  • 22:07 - Are ghosts real?
  • 29:46 - Can you recommend any reading that make the case for Catholicism over Orthodoxy?
  • 34:45 - Is there an ancient Jewish pre-Christian equivalent to praying to the saints?
  • 45:18 - How can I combat relativism in conversations?
  • 51:35 - Calvin Robinson is an Anglican who claims that The Anglican Church is the ‘established’ Church. Are you familiar with him and what would that comment mean?
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