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Questions Covered:

  • 03:31 - Is it ok to purchase a lot of presents to someone to ask for forgiveness? 
  • 06:53 - Are the unborn persons? 
  • 11:47 - Is it possible to avoid going to purgatory? 
  • 19:23 - What level of obedience does one owe to parents, especially as adults? 
  • 29:30 - How would the Church adapt the liturgical calendar if we colonized another planet or the moon? 
  • 34:22 - How do I defend the Marian doctrines if typology is not the best way to defend doctrines in general? 
  • 42:30 - I left the Church over a month ago because I was rejected by the person who I associated my Catholic faith with.  How do I get over rejection? 
  • 49:39 - Why is it that priests always receive communion in both species, but the laity mostly only receive communion through the host? 
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