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Questions Covered:

  • 04:27 - What is the Catholic teaching on dispensationalism compared to covenant theology? 
  • 15:36 - How does the universe expand faster than the speed of light? 
  • 20:38 - What kind of kinship did St. Elizabeth have with Mary? Was she actually her cousin? 
  • 22:47 - When is a saint incorruptible? Are there different levels of incorruptibility? 
  • 25:07 - In order for evolution to be true, the genome size of all life forms needs to be increasing. Has this been observed? If so, what is this process called? 
  • 33:50 - My diocese is not offering the chalice for communion. Is this just a diocesan rule or is it a universal rule? When will this be lifted? 
  • 40:18 - There’s a couple at my parish that use contraception and are also extraordinary ministers of holy communion. When I approached the priest, he had no issue with it. What does the Church officially say about this? 
  • 42:17 - I’m a catechist. How do I explain clearly to the girls that women can’t be priests? 
  • 45:09 - How does the Church declare someone a venerable, especially considering that now we have so much information on people? 
  • 48:30 - What are your thoughts on a current priest who claims that he communicates with angels and the deceased? 
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