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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:23 - When the church’s dicastery has approved all miracles and is ready to be declared a saint, how do they decide what they will be the patron saint of?
  • 09:30 - Does one spouse receive grace from the other spouses’ works?
  • 14:54 - Where is purgatory in the bible? How do I better explain purgatory to my protestant friend?
  • 23:02 - Would there be a sacramental characteristic that will be visible to us in the next life? Would the 3 levels of holy orders be visible?
  • 24:52 - When Paul was headed to trial before Caesar, would it really have been before CAESAR HIMSELF or just a magistrate, or appointee who heard cases?
    33:46 - Why do Catholics collect pieces of the saint’s body?
  • 37:06 - Was Joan of Arc schizophrenic?
  • 47:58 - What was the purpose of the Transfiguration?
  • 53:30 - What is a novena? Is it a specific type of prayer?


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