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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 01:06 - Why should I go to a Catholic Church when the non-denominational church that I like going to is also preaching the truth? 
  • 07:00 - Are there any Catholic alternative voices that support a minimalistic approach to natural law? 
  • 13:50 - How do we reconcile the discrepancy in Matthew and Luke regarding when the birth of Christ occurred? 
  • 21:08 - Where in the bible does it say that we are wounded by original sin and not totally depraved? 
  • 34:55 - If a person was baptized later in life and had committed terrible sins, would baptism remove the need for purgatory for those sins? 
  • 37:09 - What genre of literature in the book of Genesis? 
  • 42:46 - The Baltimore Catechism says that in order to enter heaven you have to get to know, love and serve God. Which of the three is most important? 
  • 46:13 - How do we reconcile Adam and Eve and the evolution of homo sapiens? 


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