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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:48 - How do I respond to Mormons whenever they go back to having good feelings about the Book of Mormon? How do I get past that roadblock? 
  • 12:14 - What is the official teaching on the eucharist and the sacrifice? 
  • 17:11 - Is it true that the Roman canon of the Mass can’t change? If this is true, how can St. Dominic and St. Ambrose be in it? 
  • 21:02 - Is it proper to say that Mary is the dwelling place of the Holy Trinity? 
  • 23:59 - I’m a lapsed Catholic, how to overlook current Church politics and scandals in order to come back to the Church? 
  • 37:53 - How do we explain children who have memories of a past life? 
  • 48:25 - Did God give a divinely inspired tradition to the Jews like he did to the Church? If not, why not? If He did, Why would He allow it to be corrupted enough for Jesus to criticize it? 


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