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Questions Covered:

  • 04:09 - How do I explain the sacraments to my Baptist girlfriend? 
  • 11:08 - What’s the relationship between religious truth and fact? 
  • 16:04 - Is the phrase extra Ecclesiam nulla salus still a usable phrase after the second Vatican council? 
  • 17:29 - Is it appropriate to own tarot cards if you don’t use them for spiritual purposes? 
  • 21:06 - Is binding and loosing a slippery slope that can lead the Church to loosening up morals? 
  • 28:56 - What is the reason behind Vatican 2 decision not to indict the Jews for Jesus’ death? 
  • 34:08 - Since we are obligated to help people in dire need and there’s always people in dire need, is it ok for us to enjoy luxuries for ourselves? 
  • 41:45 - How much of Church teaching do we actually have to believe? 
  • 46:13 - What did Jesus mean when he said about Judas “ It would be better if he were never born?” 
  • 47:57 - a 7th day Adventist claimed that Mt. 24:20 proves that the Sabbath remains on a Saturday. How do I respond? 
  • 52:12 - If you were married and the apocalypse happened and you were only left with one other woman, would it be adultery to repopulate the earth with that woman? 
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