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Questions Covered:

  • 01:39 - Why did Jesus say it was better for Judas to never have been born if it was because of Judas’ act that Jesus’ Passion and subsequent Resurrection was set in motion? Was Judas’ betrayal not necessary for this?
  • 05:23 - Are there any Pseudepigraphal writings in the New Testament? If not, and if any are discovered, would that alter the canon?
  • 14:03 - Do you favor the material sufficiency, partim partim view, or something else about scripture? Why do you hold to this position?
  • 28:21 - My teen son always asks me why do we have to go to mass every Sunday? What is so important about going to mass? Also, why should we dress our best for Sunday mass?
  • 32:18 - Is it correct to assert that there’s an ongoing eternal liturgy in Heaven? If so, why is that the case and what does it consists of?
  • 35:45 - Currently there are Catholics who prefer the Tridentine Latin Mass. Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict encouraged celebration of the Tridentine Latin Mass. Pope Francis is trying to regulate it & put the decision about the TLM in the hands of the local bishops because he perceives that there is division in the Church. In prior Church history was there ever another time when the form of liturgy was changed but some Catholics preferred the prior form & were given permission to celebrate Mass in the prior form?
  • 42:59 - Given the limited number of people at the time of Adam and Eve, can it be inferred that incest not only occurred, but was necessary and, as such, can it be stated that incest is a circumstantial evil?
  • 50:22 - If we can use medical advancements to cure diseases and perform surgeries, then why can’t we use advances in medicine to cure or correct birth defects genetically in the womb.


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