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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:33 - I heard that historically confessions were in groups and out loud. I heard that they only confessed major mortal sins but not the more minor mortal sins. Is this true? 
  • 11:59 - How do I stay focused on God with secular friends? 
  • 14:48 - Micah 5:5-6 Prophecy of the messiah.  Did this happen in history and how do we interpret this? 
  • 20:38 - Is it morally permissible to help fathers return to their families even though they are not married? Would I possibly be bringing people to cohabitation? 
  • 22:56 - Could you explain typology as a method for interpreting the bible? 
  • 35:06 - Let’s have a time machine and go back in time to the time of Moses. If I tried to touch the Ark of the Covenant, would I be ok since I’m fulfilled through the new covenant? 
  • 42:01 - My non-denominational sister claims that when scripture says “you need to be born of water and spirit” it means amniotic fluid and not baptism. How do I respond? 
  • 49:35 - Is it better to not have kids because of how bad the world is? 
  • 52:50 - Why is it that we are still left with the effects of the Fall after Christ’ redemption? 


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