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Open Forum

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 03:38 - Are the Jewish-Christian lead tablets forgeries? 
  • 06:38 - Can a trans-man marry a trans-woman in the Catholic faith? 
  • 11:27 - It seems like a lot of the popes in history have been mean and evil? How does the Church respond? Was Martin Luther correct in trying to go against those things? 
  • 18:28 - How does the Church respond to a politician who supports abortion and receives communion? 
  • 28:11 - Being that there’s bishops in Germany advocating for a change in the catechism regarding the LGBT community, what are the disciplinary measures that the other bishops can place on them? 
  • 32:46 - I was accused of being a cannibal because of the Eucharist. How do I respond? 
  • 40:58 - Is it accurate to say that God’s ordaining will is will in himself? Is this will unrelated to his creation while his permissive will is in relation to his creation? 
  • 43:27 - How can I bring up a conversation about faith with my boyfriend? 
  • 48:15 - If both parties in a marriage have to freely enter into it, then, historically, how were arranged marriages valid? 
  • 52:17 - I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to judge someone’s soul, but can you help find it in the Catechism? 


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