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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:01 - What does it mean that Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit? 
  • 07:43 - Why would a Catholic use faith as a pathway to truth? 
  • 14:23 - Is it morally permissible for someone with anxiety to take prescribed Xanax? 
  • 18:32 - Are lay people worthy to handle and distribute communion? Are we worthy to receive communion on the hand and why did it historically change? 
  • 22:42 - I just saw a video of protesters at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. The men defending the Church said “your body is mine” to the protesters. Have you seen this? What are your thoughts? 
  • 28:35 - Do you have advice on how to handle a 12-year-old girl who has become antagonistic towards God? 
  • 30:54 - Why are some African saints portrayed as white in icons and other sacred art? 
  • 35:31 - Rising from the dead is a scientific impossibility. Are we really supposed to believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead? 
  • 41:53 - I used to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion in the 80’s but I have not done it in years. What would I have to do to be certified again? 
  • 44:09 - Could you explain indulgences? How do they work? 
  • 49:23 - Who makes the call on excommunication? On what level does that responsibility lie on? Is it priests, bishops, the pope? 
  • 50:50 - How was time kept in Jesus’ time? 


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