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Questions Covered:

12:34 - Where is a good place to meet people that follow what they actually believe? 

16:19 - I teach confirmation and had a student ask this question: when God created light, is that also when He created heat? 

21:23 - Regarding confession: is matter and form more important, or is intent, since some don’t say the same word during absolution? 

24:09 - Where in our DNA are inclinations for our likes and dislikes and can this be analogous for same sex attractions? 

40:00 - How do we reconcile old and new covenant theology on the Levitical priesthood being eternal? 

47:30 - Where can I find more about St. Joseph in the bible? 

50:01 - Would a baptism be valid if a deacon poured water only touching the hair and not the actual skin? 

53:05 - Follow up on Henry’s question on absolution: If all your sins are forgiven during absolution would that include the sins that you didn’t confess? 

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