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Open Forum

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Questions Covered:

  • 01:51 - With the translation of the Nicene Creed, what’s the difference between “confession” and “profession”? Like when we say, “I confess one baptism”.
  • 04:48 - Thomas Aquinas had two arguments for the Filioque controversy. One of these is that the eternal origin is reflective of temporal mission. The other was that without it, we wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the son and the spirit. What are your thoughts on these arguments?
  • 09:39 - How can I answer people that say the early church wasn’t the Catholic church? They believe Constantine put the Catholic church together.
  • 16:09 - Why hasn’t the Catechism of the Catholic church been put in audio format if it’s such an important book?
  • 20:30 - I recently went back to school for psychology and the topic of intersex people came up. It was argued that there should be more genders because having just two leaves out intersex people. Can you tell me how to approach this in a loving and non-judgmental way?
  • 36:34 - Could you recommend some resources to refute Eastern Orthodoxy? I know someone that is drifting away from Catholicism and considering becoming Eastern Orthodox. How can I stop them from doing so?
  • 42:56 - I have a Baptist friend whose mother donated her body to science. How does the Catholic church view doing that?
  • 46:24 - I’ve heard the Catholic belief that Jesus’ flesh and blood is in heaven. Is that true?
  • 54:00 - Since blood related sexual relationships are genetically problematic, how did they do that before in the bible? Did it not used to create problems?


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