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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:23 - I have a theory that when Christ said he emptied himself, he removed all his ability to stop what was going to happen to him because that was the only way for him to truly put himself. Could Jimmy give his opinion on this? 
  • 15:49 - I’ve heard that approximately ⅔ of Catholics don’t believe in the real presence. If it’s a dogma, why would the 2/3s who don’t believe still be considered Catholics? 
  • 22:48 - I was visiting another parish and the priest distributing the Eucharist said, “The body and blood of Christ” rather than just “The body of Christ”. Is it ok that he said this? And how did the early Church discern that we’re fully under one species? 
  • 28:41 - I have a view of purgatory in which the people there are able to pray for people on earth. That they grow closer to God and eventually closer to heaven. Does this go along with Catholic teaching? Could you give me some insight into this? 
  • 31:39 - Among Christians I see there’s two views, one where things are Good and God made the world, and the other where the world has fallen and the Devil has reign. What do Catholics believe about this and are we supposed to believe just one or the other? 
  • 35:02 - In Genesis 1 when God is talking about making man, Trinitarian Christians say there’s evidence of the trinity because of the Hebrew words used to imply the plural, while others say that those same Hebrew words do not prove that. I want to know how to defend the trinitarian viewpoint. 
  • 45:31 - Can the will of the father and of the son ever come into conflict? I’ve heard that in the Father’s perfection, there wouldn’t need to be a coeternal son and that he would be perfect in and of himself. 
  • 49:41 - How do you know the difference between when your Guardian Angel does something for you rather than God? 
  • 52:39 - What is St. Raphael’s job? 


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