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Open Forum

Audio only:

Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. 

Questions Covered:

  • 04:01 - How do you resolve the incongruity between some of the acts of the Magisterium and clergy and the truth of Catholicism? How do we come to terms with clergy that don’t live Catholic truth? 
  • 16:06 - How can I respond to people who claim that the Latin Mass is the only valid and sacred liturgy? 
  • 21:07 - Why were seven books taken out of the Protestant Bible? 
  • 29:03 - Why would adopting frozen embryos be immoral? If it is immoral, what should be done with those frozen embryos? 
  • 36:24 - I came to the Catholic faith through reason. How do I find the joyful heart-connection and faith in Jesus that so many Protestants seem to have? Intellectually, I am convinced, but my heart is not there. 
  • 47:09 - Which church is the true Church- the Catholic Church or the Greek orthodox church? 


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