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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 02:46 - Is it true that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church? Can a person attend other churches and be saved? 
  • 06:16 - I am about to be confirmed on Easter. What is your advice for someone about to receive the Eucharist for the first time? 
  • 09:35 - I go to a chiropractor and sometimes he uses a chi-simulator device on me.  Is this a new age thing or an appropriate treatment? Should I refuse this part of the treatment? 
  • 18:54 - How should Christians go about being fans of political figures or celebrities? 
  • 23:30 - Did Christ see all sins, past and future, when he was dying on the Cross? 
  • 31:03 - Were any of the Pharisees or scribes from when Jesus was found teaching in the Temple as a child present at his trial, Passion, or crucifixion? 
  • 42:17 - Is it best to offer public correction to a person or ministry, even if it could cause enmity or ruin your reputation? 
  • 48:51 - Is it true that there is no free will in hell? 
  • 51:57 - I am really struggling with how strict the lockdowns still are up here in Canada. My life has suffered a lot for it. How moral are these lockdowns and how much moral responsibility do I have to obey the mandates? 


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