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Open Forum

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 04:56 - After the second coming of Christ will we be able to explore other planets in the universe? 
  • 07:43 - Can there be a law that you are not able to practice witchcraft or black magic or anything of that sort- my family is getting harmed by people doing black magic to us- I want to create a law that prevents people from doing that to us. Can I do that? 
  • 13:34 - In Mathew 27 verse 61- we hear about the temple veil being torn open: what was behind the veil and wasn’t it lost? 
  • 16:18 - As pertaining to employment or business and our Catholic views, how do you respond to “freedom of speech but not freedom of consequences?”, for example, people getting fired for saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman .
  • 22:00 - We want to have Eucharistic adoration expanded at our church. How can we grow the community that goes? 
  • 29:10 - Who is the angel in Daniel 10 verse 5? 
  • 32:54 - I was talking to my 32-year-old son about why God allows evil to happen in the world, but don’t know how to explain it. Can you help?
  • 39:40 - Why do we have relics inserted into the altar slab of the main altar? 
  • 45:54 - Did the people who write letters in the Bible (like Saint Paul) did those people know that their letters will be used by Christians other than those to who they were addressed? 
  • 50:58 - With what is going on right now with the Pope? I am a convert and I love the Catholic Church and I am having a lot of questions right now. What are your thoughts on the Pope? 


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