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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief. 

Questions Covered:

  • 03:35 - What does Matthew 24:24 mean? 
  • 08:53 - Did Abraham think that he was going to sacrifice Isaac? 
  • 13:42 - What is the Catholic perspective on land promises to the Jews in the book of Jeremiah? 
  • 18:46 - Why don’t Catholics celebrate Jewish festivals like the early Church did? 
  • 24:15 - Is it ever moral to prescribe contraception as a nurse practitioner? 
  • 31:33 - How do you know that the miracles in the Bible are not just exaggerations or hyperbole? 
  • 36:00 - I just graduated high school. What pointers do you have for future apologists? 
  • 46:08 - How can an all-knowing God create a human knowing that some people will not accept him, banishing them for eternity? 
  • 52:46 - In iconography, Jesus seems to be making a gesture by joining his thumb, ring, and little fingers. What is the purpose of this? Would it be acceptable to make the sign of peace like this? 

Resources Mentioned:

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