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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Question Covered:

06:45 - What resources would you recommend for someone trying to learn Latin?
12:55 - I’ve been offered a position as a board member to a Catholic school. The oath of fidelity mentions things like “Christian obedience” to what a bishop will “declare and establish.” Can you help me understand the oath of fidelity?
18:30 - If God is all-merciful why did Jesus say about Judas, “better that he had never been born”?
28:37 - I have a hard time believing in God, but the fear of Hell keeps me scared straight. What would you or the Church say about someone like me?
33:11 - Is it true that the primary mission of the Church is to save souls?
35:10 - Why is the Catholic Church so against left-wing politics but not right-wing?
44:12 - Was it okay for me to put my parents on hospice? They passed a couple years ago and we had them on hospice at the end. Now I’m wondering if that was the wrong decision.
49:43 - In Acts 5:29, Peter and the apostles are persecuted for preaching the faith and they say, “we are not subject to men but to God.” How does that mesh with Church authority?

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