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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 01:36 – How do we renew the Catholic parish? 
  • 06:29 - In Luke 23:49, it refers to “all these acquaintances and women” watching the crucifixion. Were the apostles included in that group of acquaintances? 
  • 11:16 - What is Jesus teaching about the desire for wealth? 
  • 18:19 - Why was Jesus’ garment seamless? Is this significant? 
  • 28:23 - If Satan could be ejected from heaven, does that mean we could also be thrown out of heaven? 
  • 31:45 - What is the difference between a plenary indulgence and Divine Mercy Sunday? 
  • 34:00 - A Baptist pastor told me that we Catholics believe that we are saved by the sacraments, not by Christ. How can I respond? 
  • 41:10 - How can I explain to someone that the Catholic Bible is the true Bible? 
  • 46:25 - Should we make reparation after a sin is forgiven? 
  • 50:55 - What is the Church’s position on intinction? 
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