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Open Forum

Questions Covered:

  • 02:16 - Is it possible that the warning by St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 11 was a misdiagnosis of an early plague or epidemic? 
  • 05:49 - How can I explain the Eucharist as a sacrifice? 
  • 19:16 - What is the difference between Protestant and Catholic belief of what happens when we die? 
  • 29:24 - What is the best way to face a crisis of faith and combat doubts? 
  • 34:18 - How are we supposed to understand Jesus receiving the vinegar on a sponge on the Cross? Was this an insult or compassion from the Romans? 
  • 41:10 - Do prayers count if you are distracted while saying them or don’t feel good while praying? 
  • 46:00 - Can I still use the website learning service for the company I was working at when I no longer work there? 
  • 50:18 - What is the Catholic opinion of the Greek orthodox “evil eye”? 
  • 52:15 - How can I learn more about the faith on an intellectual level and put that together with an emotional/personal relationship with God? 
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