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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 02:32 - I won’t be able to receive Communion of each first Friday. Will this mess up my first Friday devotion? 
  • 04:30 - Can we know the name of our guardian angel or is it wrong to know it?  
  • 16:41 - Is there a prayer to pray to get rid of pandemic? Are there prayers for stress and anxiety? 
  • 21:15 - Why are all of the accounts of Jesus healing the blind man different? 
  • 28:39 - Is the Baptism mentioned in John 4 a Trinitarian Baptism? 
  • 34:35 - Why do we have infant Baptism? Second question, is there any chance that we are wrong that the Catholic Church is the true Church? 
  • 41:33 - Is doing laundry on Sunday sinful? 
  • 44:33 - If there are other civilizations out there (in the universe), how could they accept Mary as their mother? 
  • 49:10 - Is our day of worship on Sunday because of paganism? 
  • 51:26 - Why did Jesus use bread and wine and not anything else? 
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