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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Question Covered: 

  • 06:13 - In Canada, lots of bills are being passed regarding euthanasia and abortion. How can I trust in God through all these trials? What can I do as a Catholic? 
  • 13:29 - Recently I have had a lot of skeptical thoughts. How can I combat this skepticism? 
  • 20:44 - What is the Catholic Church’s stance on the death penalty?  
  • 28:57 - If God gave us free will, then why don’t we have the freedom to choose whether we have free will?  
  • 31:50 - Where do Calvinists find total depravity in the Bible? What do Catholics believe about total depravity and where do we find it in the Bible? 
  • 39:44 - On which shoulder did they put the cross on Jesus, right or left? 
  • 41:44 - Can a Jewish person and Catholic person get married in the Catholic Church? 
  • 44:13 - How can I overcome scrupulosity? 
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