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Questions Covered:

  • 07:21 - Does your guardian angel leave you when you die
  • 12:21 - What are some good research tools and/or websites for researching paranormal experiences?
  • 17:01 - If the priest has an accident (e.g. spills the host and/ or wine such that it’s not salvageable), before, mid, or after consecration, how would this affect the rest of the mass? If the priest would simply consecrate again, would the procedure change if there’s no more host and/ or wine to consecrate?
  • 20:28 - Let us make man in our own image? Who is US and OUR? Is this an early indication of the Blessed Trinity?
  • 24:39 - Why didn’t the Pharaoh at the time of Moses, being a first born, die during the 10th plague?
  • 28:54 - During his trial, why didn’t Jesus try to stand up for himself? Pilate seemed like he would listen.
  • 30:52 - 1. What does it mean when the church says that Mary’s virginity remained intact during childbirth? Is this belief Dogma?
  • 33:59 - 2. Is it appropriate to worship God in Mary due to Theosis? If in heaven the saints are united to the divine nature in a similar way to Christ’s hypostatic union wouldn’t it be appropriate to worship God in the glorified saints? (I know it’s not appropriate but I just need help understanding the distinctions)
  • 36:42 - Is there a definitive teaching (or even different schools of speculation) on whether or not your guardian angel is specifically assigned only to you (that is, the GA only ever served as a guardian for you) or do they get different assignments when their guardees die? (Asked another way, are there the same number of guardians as there have been/will be human beings; or do the guardians guard different folks throughout their “careers”?)
  • 41:56 - At what point in attending an illicit or invalid Mass should the laity speak up or choose not to receive communion?
  • 46:26 - If God doesn’t change (the “God is simple argument”), how does that square with Jesus gaining a human nature?
  • 47:54 - I have heard people say that the hats that Bishop’s wear symbolize their authority. Can you please expand on this?
  • 48:45 - What does it mean that the disciples didn’t know Jesus till the breaking of the bread
  • 51:32 - Can any parameter of creation be infinite?
  • 52:26 - In what sense do unicorns “exist” ? (or any other fantasy idea like orcs or dragons)
  • 53:36 - I have a hard time learning languages. I get the principles, but the memorization of endings gets me. I am better at reading and working it out than listening and translating by hearing. I desperately want to learn Greek for purposes of studying the Bible. What program, book, software, class, etc. would you recommend someone like me look at to learn Biblical Greek?
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