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  • 04:50 - How do I respond when someone asks if I denounce other gods? It feels like a “gotcha” question.
  • 28:29 - What can my friend who is a new Catholic do who just found out his grandfather was a Freemason?
  • 35:08 - Regarding Lev. 23, on what days did the appointed festivals fall on. Were they all on Sunday?
  • 41:25 - Will the generation that sees the end of time have to pass through death? If not, then how will the souls be purified if they don’t go to purgatory?
  • 44:55 - If Jesus promised to return at the end of time, how do we square that with Jesus coming back constantly in the Eucharist?
  • 47:52 - What’s a generational curse?
  • 50:45 - If Ex. 15 says we have to keep the sabbath, why then Sunday?
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