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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Questions Covered:

  • 04:35 - My 9yr old daughter, Kateri, would like to ask: “Does God get angry at us? Sometimes He seems angry, especially when we read stories from the Old Testament.”
  • 07:37 - I am wondering why Whitey Bulger had a funeral Mass? Are there examples of people the church will not give a funeral Mass for? Also, are there any situations when the church excludes people from being buried in Catholic cemeteries? Does the church provide funeral Masses for non-Catholics?
  • 17:50 - After becoming a revert… 30 years ago now…I’m miserable… I thought I could pray a few rosaries and my life would come together…I loved Scott Hahn, and Mother Angelica…but here I sit…waiting…am I just faithless?
  • 24:39 - If aliens show up in a major way and submit to testing n such…what would be necessary or possible to prove to the people who think they would have to be demons that they are not? If that made any sense. Like how could you prove conclusively they are not demons? Or would that not be possible?
  • 35:55 - In the traditional Anaphora of Mar Addai and Mar Mari, the Eucharist is consecrated *without* the words of institution. How do we explain it with Catholic sacramental theology?
  • 43:30 - There is speculation that the negative response that humans have to the “uncanny valley” is due to some evolutionary development where our ancestors were preyed upon something that looked like humans but wasn’t quite human. What do you think?
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