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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 02:35 - If every soul is guaranteed to go to heaven, why does it matter if you pray for the souls in purgatory?
  • 10:28 - Does morality change over time?
  • 19:48 - What is meant when Jesus says “I am the son of man”
  • 28:46 - How do you minister to people who are suffering and explain that faith can help their suffering?
  • 34:18 - Have the verses in Isaiah 63:1-7 come to pass? What do those verses mean?
  • 41:36 - Could a pope contradict a previous non infallible papal teaching?
  • 48:31 - What does Jimmy think about theistic evolution?
  • 51:41 - Once a deacon is ordained to the permanent diaconate, does he have to remain celibate?
  • 53:35 - Is there scientific study that shows that people who get prayed for are better off than people who do not get prayed for?
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