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Could You Explain What the American Shadow Magisterium Is?

Audio only:

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 01:03 - Is Charlemagne a saint in the Catholic Church?
  • 03:27 - You’ve said that God can’t make one plus one equal three, can you elaborate more on that?
  • 14:27 - What are your thoughts on Dr. Michael Heiser’s work on the Divine Council theology?
  • 21:54 - If Elijah and Enoch didn’t die, then where are their bodies?
  • 33:12 - Could you explain what the American Shadow Magisterium is?
  • 46:56 - How does one respond to the claim that there was a God thousands of years ago but there’s no sign of him today?
  • 52:14 - Can the consecration be done outside of mass? Do you always have to consecrate both?
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