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Is the Catechism Infallible?

Audio only:

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 04:44 - What are the best strategies to deal with Calvinist objections?
  • 13:44 - What is proper etiquette during Mass for a protestant looking to convert?
  • 19:15 - Why does Mark have a shorter and longer ending?
  • 25:06 - What can you tell me about Gematria and how serious I should take it?
  • 36:24 - Did Catholics have something equivalent to the Christian crusaders? Do you think we will ever need something like that again?
  • 42:14 - Is the Catechism infallible?
  • 46:48 - How long was Joseph in Jesus’ life?
  • 51:02 - When does one become culpable if they don’t follow the Catholic faith?
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