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A Parents Responsibility to Financially Support Adult Children

Audio only:

Open Forum – Questions Covered:

  • 05:13 - Some people interpret the giving of authority in Mt. 18 to the apostles and others to the whole Christian community. What is the right interpretation?
  • 14:28 - If Mary carried Jesus, how was he affected? Since Moses was affected and looked different when he received the 10 commandments, why didn’t Mary look different when She carried Jesus?
  • 18:17 - What is the Church perception of the founding of the United States compared to the Protestant view?
  • 24:04 - How would the Thomist view on eternal universal not contradict the unmoved mover?
  • 31:14 - What field in the apologetics world needs more work?
  • 43:33 - What are your thoughts on Fr. Altman’s video denying that Pope Francis is the real pope?
  • 47:44 - How much financial support should a Catholic parent help their adult child with?


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