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  • 05:10 - “Catholics, could you give me an example of taking veneration too far, improperly worshiping a saint?”
  • 09:52 - Paul says that a bishop should be “husband of one wife.” Does this argue against priestly celibacy?
  • 14:52 - Do you think that a near-perfect image of the Trinity is found in human beings as mind-body-soul composites?
  • 18:03 - Could you expound on Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 119:5?
  • 37:30 - Is it wrong to go to confession if you are not a Catholic?
  • 47:46 - My friend is Catholic but married a Muslim and converted to Islam, will she still go to heaven?
  • 51:29 - Is there a good commentary on the Nicene creed?
  • 52:48 - What are Joe’s thoughts on the visions/prophecies of Fatima?
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