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Old Testament Prophets

Audio only:

Who were the Old Testament prophets? Did their entire lives lead us to Jesus? Find out here with Fr. Thomas Esposito.

Questions Covered:

  • 20:36- How do you interpret Isaiah 13-14, the lion laying down with the lamb 
  • 28:42 - Were all the prophets celibate? Does Scripture say anything about this? 
  • 31:15 - How do I read the prophets? I am a beginner and am intimidated. There seems to be much that I don’t know. 
  • 36:33 - Isaiah references the “young girl” in Hebrew, and later it is translated into Greek. How does this agree with the last few verses of Revelation? This seems to alter the meaning from the original. Why was this done? 
  • 45:06 - Can you talk a little bit about the prophets who are integrated into books of the Bible that do not have their name?  
  • 49:40 - Can you talk about Elijah? Is his life a parallel to the Assumption? 
  • 52:23 - Was John the Baptist the last prophet? Did Jesus’ ministry begin when John was beheaded?  
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