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Living in Peace

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 15:35 - Are there resources or exercises for prayer to ask for peace? I have the desire but do not know how when there is so much chaos around me.
  • 23:31 - How can I find peace when I don’t find peace in doing the right thing or the wrong thing?
  • 31:19 - I come from a large family and I am the middle child. How do I gain peace and keep it within such a large family?
  • 34:50 - My daughter and I have been estranged since 2013 and I have been trying to take baby steps writing letters to her and they go unanswered. How can I find peace within myself?
  • 42:10 - How can I encourage my own priest to be as awesome as Fr. Kirby?
  • 50:45 - Responding to Katherine, look into seven sisters apostolate group. A group that prays for priests.

Resources Mentioned:


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