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Kids Q&A

Jimmy Akin

Children between the ages of 3 and 16 are welcome to call with their questions about the faith. Tune in for an hour of thoughtful and intelligent questions from the youngest members of the Church.

Questions Covered:

  • 03:09 - Why did God create the tree with the Forbidden Fruit?
  • 06:43 - Can you clarify whether heaven is a physical or just a spiritual place?
  • 14:01 - If there was no one before God, how was God made?
  • 15:26 - How did Catholics get their name?
  • 18:54 - Why were they so cruel to Jesus?
  • 22:42 - Why is there a pinecone in front of the Vatican? If someone lives a moral life, but is not religious, is there a chance that they can go to purgatory or heaven?
  • 28:48 - Why did Jesus go down to the dead?
  • 31:13 - I know saint can go through the dark night of the soul. Is there an equivalent of this in physical suffering, that could achieve the same purpose?
  • 34:10 - How did God have a Son?
  • 42:00 - How is the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus one person?
  • 45:33 - How can God be with everyone at the same?
  • 47:48 - What is it going to be like in the new earth?
  • 49:25 - Why was the apple on the tree in the garden of Eden poisonous? Was there Christian music back in the time of Jesus?
  • 52:15 - God gave Solomon special knowledge. Does that mean Solomon was smarter than Jesus?


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