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Keeping Your Kids Catholic

Audio only:

Fr. Sebastian Walshe gives his advice for raising strong, Catholic kids who remain that way.

Questions Covered:

  • 06:27 - Can you give me guidance on how to incorporate Catholicism and business for my kids that are college age? 
  • 15:10 - My brother is losing his faith. Can I help him in some way to come back to the faith? 
  • 19:12 - Should kids be sent to a university to study? So many of them don’t nurture virtue.  
  • 34:23 - What did the saints say about keeping your kids Catholic and what did they do to keep their kids Catholic? 
  • 37:40 - I agree with Fr. Walshe that faith formation starts at home with the parents and family. 
  • 45:35 - How can I best teach the kids in my parish so that they stay Catholic?  
  • 50:27 - How can I explain to a person the importance of authority and obedience?
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