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Jesus the Exorcist

Audio only:

Jesus spent a large portion of his earthly ministry as an exorcist, casting out demons.

Questions Covered:

  • 17:57 - Can fasting drive out demons? 
  • 22:22 - How do we know whether an evil spirit is telling us the truth? 
  • 32:57 - Are there rabbis in the Jewish faith today who are exorcists? 
  • 35:42 - Should we preach in our churches more about the existence of the devil? 
  • 44:30 - Can you help me to understand why Jesus sends the demons into the swine and then they run into the sea? 
  • 47:00 - Under what authority do other faiths cast out demons? 
  • 50:37 - Can broken relationships cause demonic possession? 
  • 52:40 - Can people cast a spell on another person? I have been experiencing really strange things. 

Resources Mentioned:


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