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Jesus: A Teacher of Strange Things

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 53:13 - How do you explain to protestants that the body and blood of Christ is not just metaphorical? 
  • 18:56 - What is Cy’s favorite title that Jesus has? 
  • 22:56 - Can you help me understand the relationship between the two teachings: that “the lord was made flesh” and scripture as “the word of god?” 
  • 35:25 - Is this book suitable for someone who has not yet had any introduction to the Catholic Faith and its teachings whatsoever? 
  • 41:25 - How is Jesus also God? I am confused on how he is God and the son of God? Can’t he only be one or the other? 
  • 50:18 - Can Cy tell me a little bit about his writing process? 


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