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Gender Ideology

Audio only:

Questions Covered:

  • 17:13 - How did confusion about gender and gender ideology start? 
  • 21:03 - How am I to deal with the transition of my relatives when God’s truth tells me not to accept their new names/pronouns? 
  • 29:23 - Would you agree that one way to embrace people trapped in gender ideology is to acknowledge their feelings and that they feel extremely out of place? That could disarm the invective around this and reach them better. 
  • 32:44 - I’m a nursing student and I’m concerned about how I’m going to have to talk to patients who present themselves as transgender. How should I approach that without endangering my livelihood? 
  • 37:12 - My children go to school with a young boy who now thinks he’s a girl. The school and the mom are both supportive but it’s causing problems. Who do I start talking to about this? 
  • 43:02 - At what point should a public school teacher, who is being told to teach gender ideology, walk away from the job? 
  • 48:08 - I think one thing that would put a stop to this right away is if, when people who transition get older and regret it, they sue their doctors. Is that a path we should pursue and encourage? 

Resources Mentioned:

A Catechesis on the Human Person and Gender Ideology, by Bishop Michael Burbidge


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